We are in Solar Energy Association are planning to promote 1000 MW Solar Power Park Project in Tamilnadu by establishing solar energy parks all over India. As alarmed in the Tamilnadu Solar Energy Policy 2012, Conventional Energy sources like coal, oil, natural gas etc., are limited in quantity, and if these continued to be depleted at the present rate, these will be exhausted in the coming decades. Energy demand is resulting in the creation of fossil fuel based power plants leading to the substantial green house emissions having an adverse impact on global warming and climate changes.

Solar Energy offers a clean, friendly, abundant and inexhaustible energy resource to mankind. India has high solar isolation. India being a tropical country receives adequate solar radiation for 300 days amounting to 3,000 hours of sunshine equivalent to over 5,000 trillion KWH. Almost all the regions receive 4-7 KWH of solar radiation per sq.meter with about 2,300-3,200 sunshine hours /year depending upon the location.

Our Major Differentiators are:

Tamilnadu Government Approved Solar PV Power Plant Integrator.
We have MSME Trained & Certified Solar Professional Engineers
We are member of Solar Energy Society of India (SESI)
TEDA & MNRE approved specification projects
We use quality & reliable Products which adheres to Quality Standards like CE, IEC61215, IEC61730, UL1703 & Safety Class II

Eco Power associated with the following Renewable Energy Development Agency and supply certified products