PV Charger

     A Solar PV Charger is a device that use to control the amount of current PV modules feed into a battery bank. Their main purpose is to stop over - charging the batteries, but Charge Controllers also block the reverse current from a battery bank from leaking backwards into the photovoltaic array.

Two types of our PV chargers are

. PWM Solar Charger
. MPPT Solar Charger

PWM: Pulse Width Modulation, it reduces the burden to the battery by gradually reducing the power supply to the battery without over charging.

Solar Charger is a device which converts existing home UPS in to solar Compatible by Charging batteries from solar PV Panels and having required Automation to utilize the Solar Power once the batteries are fully charged and solar is still available. Once the above condition is met Solar Charger automatically cuts off the mains supply to the existing Home UPS and makes it works on Inverter mode to supply AC power to the loads from DC bus of the UPS and the solar charger will supply DC power from panel to DC bus. So Dc power from PV panel is directly supplied to the loads once Batteries are full.
Features and Benefits

. Charging Voltage : Numerical
. Charging Current : Numerical
. Charger ON /OFF
. Load off Solar (Mains Allow)
. Load on Solar (Mains Cut)
. LED Indication for Solar Charger ON
. PV Panel Reverse Protection
. Fuse protection for Mains for load faults
. Automatic selection of voltage

MPPT: Maximum Power Point Tracking, it offers the ability to turn extra voltage into amperage by reducing the charge time for the battery.

The Solar Charge Controllers maximum power point tracking feature permits Solar Panel Charge Controller to draw maximum power from a panel in your current conditions.

Features and Benefits
. Installation instructions included
. LED digital indicator light
. Microcontroller control
. adjustable resistance
. Full installation instructions Included
. Battery system monitor
. Field adjustable parameters
. Automatic selection of voltage
Also available PWM / MPPT Solar Chargers: 12V, 24V, 48V, 96V, 120V & 240V