Solar Inverters also called as Power Conditioning Unit (Solar PCU). A Solar Inverter is an electrical device that converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) the converted AC can be at any required voltage and frequency with the use of appropriate transformers, switching, and control circuits. A Solar Inverter changes DC voltage from batteries or solar panels, into standard household AC voltage so that it can be used by common tools and appliances.

There has two type Solar Inverter:

. Grid Tie Inverter
. Off Grid Inverter (stand-alone Inverter)

Grid tied inverter (Grid Connected Inverter)

Grid connected inverter or grid tie inverter is designed specifically for grid connected application that does not require battery backup system. Grid connected inverter or grid tie inverter converts DC power produced by PV array to AC power to supply to electrical appliances and sell excess power back to utility grid. With a range of sizes available, we provide grid tie inverter to suit your needs, from small residential solar system to large commercial solar system.

PCU is a common cubicle consisting Inverter &MPPT charge controller.PCU does the function of converting the DC into AC and synchronizing with the grid power supply.


. 97.5% High Efficiency
. IP 65, stainless steel housing
. 5 years standard warranty
. Advanced MPPT automatic tracking
. Parallel running mode with a string of inverters
. Built-In protection mechanisms for over discharge, Short & overheating, etc.
. Advanced DSP and Microprocessor controlled
. SPWM Technology with IGBTs
. High Efficiency & Pure Sine Wave Output
. Compatible for both Amorphous and Crystalline

Available Range : 1k W - 10 kW ( 1ph / 1ph, 3ph / 1ph) , 15 kW - 250kW (3ph / 3ph)

Off-Grid Inverter (stand-alone Inverter)

Off-grid inverter or Stand-alone inverter is designed for remote stand-alone application or off-grid power system with battery backup where the inverter draws its DC power from batteries charged by PV array and converts to AC power. Stand-alone inverters provide variety of size and output waveform depending on your applications. For the best output, the pure sine inverter is required. It suits for solar home system, rural electrification, village electrification in remote area where the utility grid is not available.

In Recent years people are going for environmental friendly energy called Renewable Energy, in this solar energy is picking up with greater pace so Eco Power Technologies has developed its range of solar UPS.

Solar UPS are designed to give highest efficiency for solar application. These UPS are having effective built chargers in to make effective utilization of solar panels. It offers pure sine wave output it can be used for any type of load.

Features and Benefits

. Hybrid Design (Grid & Solar Charging)
. Inbuilt MPPT (Maximum Power point Tracking) charge controller Solar Only / Solar Priority / Grid Priority Logic
. Remote monitoring facility (Optional)
. Auto restart facility
. LCD / LED Display
. Compact / Rugged design
. Multiple MPPT Design (Only in Three Phase Solar PCU)
. Output Transformer for reliability