MW Solar Power Plants

Save Electricity with On Grid MW Solar Power Plants

      Building a highly efficient solar power plant involves a well thought approach with detailed planning and analysis. Materials comprise of 85% of costs of a solar power plant and quality of material decides the quality of a solar power plant. Eco Power's expertise in sourcing and designing of components helps to differentiate from its competitors. We follow a systematic methodology to help you generate electricity at most competitive prices. The following parameters clearly define the difference between the best and the rest.

Supplier Selection

      Eco Power Solar does thorough review of suppliers and establishes quality practices for all major equipments required for a solar power plant. Our supplier selection is based on cost risk benefit analysis. Our knowledge of manufacturing practices helps us to identify quality suppliers across the world. We also review the financial strength of the vendors to avert the risk of proper service over years as many solar companies are in financial mess. Our team has inspected 40 suppliers across the world and visited 20 of them. We believe in the philosophy of complete transparency with our customer, as a result we are willing to share supplier data once we sign a MoU with them.

Panel Selection

      Selection of panels is very critical as panels account for more than 50% of the total cost of the project. Eco Power's in depth experience in understanding the quality standards and processes for manufacturing panels helps to source the right panel's at the most competitive prices. With Eco Power, you will be assured to have the best performance panels, irrespective of the country or make. For every customer we carry out a separate evaluation of each of panel manufacturer by checking the BOM used for panel manufacturing. With our background in material quality, we try to ensure that the material used for panel manufacturing has passed the highest quality standards to give the optimum performance.

Selection of Inverters and other components

      Inverters are the heart of any solar power plant. Selection of an inappropriate inverter can cause huge losses in the output of the power plant. With its team of highly qualified engineers and procurement managers, Eco Power uses the best inverters from around the world and source them at the most competitive prices.

Design & Execution

      Eco Power strives to be an innovator in the field of solar with continuous improvement and adapting to the best technology for generating maximum output. Our experienced team will always develop cost effective solutions that will get you maximum output. We execute the project with complete attention to detail. We don't believe in compromising on the quality of the power plant. We are always ahead of the schedule and complete the work in the project timeline that has been mutually agreed upon.

. Eco Power has built high caliber in-house design and execution team with separate verticals for KW and MW
. Eco Power boasts of a qualified technical team with promoters having international experience
. Optimum design to reduce power loss
. Seasonal angle adjustment for better output
. No air conditioning required for inverter room


      Skills planning and commitment towards quality is the aim of Eco Power Solar. We offer services that will ensure guaranteed output throughout the life of the plant.

Advantages of a MW Solar Power Plant

      Solar power plants help you generate clean and green energy at affordable price. A highly optimized solar power plant generates most of its power during 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

The following case study gives you the economic advantage for a solar power plant for a 132 KVA
System: 5 MW Solar power plant
Area required: 30 acres
Units Generated: 80 lac units/ year
Electricity Savings/year: INR 4.8 crores / year (PPA assumed at INR 6/unit)
Diesel Savings: 52 lacs/ per year Cost per unit: INR 3.89 ( Including losses, charges and interest)
Payback: 5.5 years Incentives: Accelerated Depreciation (80% first year, 20% second year)
RECs: approx. 8000/ year ( RECs trade between INR 9300 to 12,000).