Off-Grid Power

      Eco Power specializes in custom-designed Solar Off-Grid Systems, Solar Grid tie Systems with battery backup systems and packages.

     For our commercial clients we provide remote power systems, solar lighting and equipment specifically tailored to meet the goals and requirements of commercial applications.

     From designing an off grid solar power system to provide solar energy for homes for your home and constructing remote solar powered equipment for an environmentally-sensitive scientific study, we have the expertise to get exactly what you need, and the dedicated, friendly customer service to ensure that you reap its benefits for years to come.

     This system consists of Solar Photo Voltaic panels, Solar Inverter and batteries. Batteries are charged first by Solar Power and if required by grid power through a charge controller and when the grid fails, the connected loads get power from batteries through inverter.

      This is a multi-function inverter/ charger, combining functions of inverter, solar charger and battery charger to offer uninterruptible power support with portable size

Components of System:

. Solar PCU
. Solar Modules
. Battery Bank
. MS steel structure for Module Erection
. Cabling and Junction box
. Lightning Arrestor & Earthing
. Complete erection, commissioning & maintenance

     Off -Grid refers to a power system that generates electricity from a Solar PV array. The electricity produced is regulated through a charge controller and stored in Batteries for later use. This Solar Electricity System can be with DC output to power DC load or with Inverter or AC 230 Volts Output from an inverter to power AC load.

      This energy system isn't connected to the utility Power Grid and is usually used as a standalone unit.

Reliable and Green System:

. 1 kWp Off-Grid Solar Power Plant can generate approximately 4 - 5 units in normal sunny day.
. Space required for installation of 1 kWp system is approximately 150 sq ft/kWp
. 100 kWp Off-Grid Solar Power Plant can reduce CO2 emission by 250 tons per year.

System sizes range from 1kW to 10kW single phase and three phase 10kW to 100kW of PV solar.