Solar for Petrol Pumps

      Typically, the solar PV system ranges from 3KW to 7.5 KW depending on the traffic and sale of diesel on any particular day. We carefully evaluate each and every petrol pump to offer a customized solution suiting their requirements and needs. With optimum designing of electronics, we provide stable power to dispensing units, thus reducing number of electronic failures in long run. We perform economic analysis to come up with the most feasible solution and assure a guaranteed payback time, so that our clients are aware about the return on investment (ROI) we follow the

following stringent procedure to provide the best customer experience.

1. Load Analysis
2. Average Diesel/ Petrol Sales per day
3. No of dispensing units
4. Load shedding hours
5. Consumption of Diesel Generator
6. DG Set operating hours
7. Shadow Analysis
8. Generation based on location of the petrol pump

     Our approach has helped us to develop the right solution for all our installations across different parts of the country. Our branch offices all across Tamilnadu provide the necessary technical support and fast response time for the ultimate customer satisfaction. We have been appointed as preferred partners with IOCL External Resources.